Natural quality

Natural materials and quality certificates

Quality and natural products are our greatest priority. That's why our box spring beds and comfort bases are hand-made with high-quality materials from Europe: textiles are Eco-Tex Standard 100 certified, latex is Euro Latex and LGA certified - this guarantees durability and healthy sleep. And of course we monitor and continuously improve our production, so that our ISO 9001 certified quality management also lives up to highest expectations.

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Conifer wood

Matri bedsteads are made from slow-grown, strong heartwood, which originates from certified sustainable forests. Instead of glueing, the solid wood parts of the frame are attached with screws, nails and tenons. All bedsteads are 100% pure material, silent and extremely durable.


The surface of our mattress toppers is made from pure new lambswool. To prevent pilling, the wool has been finished with polyester fibre. Wool is a pleasant, naturally warm material, which removes humidity. The wool surface enables the mattress topper to mould to the contours of your body.

Cold foam

We use solely first class, Certi-PUR quality certified cold foam. Its structure is porous and breathable. The cold foam in Matri mattresses is extremely responsive and durable. Despite its lightness it provides excellent support to the body.


Our latex material fulfills the requirements of both Öko-Tex Standard 100 and the euroLatex Eco standard. Both durable and extremely responsive, it also keeps its shape well. The latex used in Matri beds and mattress toppers feels wonderfully soft, while providing optimal support to the body. Thanks to perforations, it airs itself and regulates humidity. Latex is also a very hygienic and antibacterial material.

Pocket spring system

Pocket springs support and sink in where needed, ensuring optimal comfort in all sleeping positions. The barrel-shaped springs, which are narrower at the top and bottom, enable the mattress to support all the contours of your body. All the pocketed springs have been pre-tensioned to make them extra sensitive to pressure and longer lasting, while supporting the body effectively in both rest and movement. The barrel shape of the springs makes the mattress responsive at the top and bottom, while adding support capacity toward the centre. The pocket spring system of Matri beds guarantees your sleep is equally enjoyable and comfortable, whichever way you lie.

Bonnell spring system

This tried and tested classic spring system is durable and provides firm support to the body. Bonnell springs are used in the lower spring section of Matri beds. Their purpose is to support the upper pocket spring system, lengthening the spring movement and allowing the mattress to comfortably embrace your body.  

SoftSurface spring system 

The innovative SoftSurface spring system further improves the progressive responsiveness of the mattress. It works like a shock absorber, responding softly and subtly first, but adding support as pressure increases at the centre of the spring. The features of this spring system include tempting softness, alignment to the body and excellent, pressure reducing responsiveness.