Bed accessories

Your bedroom is perfect when you enjoy being there.

Styling your bed and bedroom is the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal taste. You can create thousands of different combinations for your Matri bed, all of which are both stylish and high quality. With our wide variety of products, from headboards to valance sheets and legs, you can transform your divan or continental bed into an expression of your unique interior design style – time and time again. You can refresh the look of your bedroom whenever you feel like it.


Dare to be creative!

When you have chosen the ideal size and tension for your bed, it’s time to turn your attention on style. An elegant headboard transforms the bed into a crucial part of the carefully planned look of your bedroom. It also provides a comfortable place to rest your head while in bed. You can choose the shape and size as well as the design, colour and material of the upholstering of your Matri bed’s headboard from a wide range of options. Give free reign to your creativity and we’ll make you the bed of your dreams.

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A valance sheet is a style statement

A luxurious valance sheet, perhaps reaching all the way to the floor, completes the desired look of your bed. Our range has a myriad of colours and fabrics. If you renovate your bedroom or refresh its interior design, you can easily adapt your bed to match the new style.

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Solid wood holds you aloft

The legs of Matri beds are always made of high quality solid wood, whether birch or oak. You can choose the shape, height and colour from our range. We are happy to help you select the legs that best match your interior design style. The legs are easy to attach and change, from low to high or even just to match a new valance sheet.

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Bedspreads and pillows

Also during the day a delight

Well sure, healthy sleep is the main thing. But even in daylight you are on a bed of FENNOBED have much joy. Garant this are our diverse collections of bedspreads and pillows. Finally, the bed in Finland is around the clock , a center of life . Bedspreads is Couture for the bedroom: clothes just for every mood or season.

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Your bedclothes sleep right next to you.

That’s why it makes sense to choose high quality materials that feel lovely against your skin. Play around with colours that make you think of sweet dreams. You’ll find just the right size and style for your quilt covers and pillowcases with us.

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Quilts and pillows

lightweight and cuddlysoft

Have yourself fall into bed after a long day. Snuggle into bed to read. Under the covers always the right temperature. The bed should be the place for the best rest and beautiful enjoyment. That's why you will find FENNOBED quality bedding made ​​of various materials.

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Bedside Tables

a personal detail

Next to a good box-spring bed, bedside tables are a must-have for a bedroom – where else would you put your favorite book? To siut your personal style, we have developed three different models:

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Matri Bed Bench

stylish and practical

Complementing the bedside tables, the Matri end-of-bed bench is a stylish addition. It can be individually adapted to match your bed in terms of cover and legs.

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