Our Finnish-German Family Company

Established in Perniö , Finland 1986

Our motivation: healthy beds

We founded our company in 1986 in Perniö in Finland under the name "MATRI". Today you will find us as "FENNOBED" in many countries. We find: the heart of a household is a great bed where you feel at home. MATRI beds are produced in our own production center, exclusively from certified, European materials - for the benefit of nature and everyone's health.

The independent German test institute "Stiftung Warentest" tested one of our models and named it "best bed" in the category of health and environment. People have very different statures, different sleep behavior, and different tastes. That's why we offer our beds in a variety of comfort levels, sizes, and styles - always based on our ingenious modular system.

May we introduce you to our family?

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Anja Lehtonen

Founded Matri-Kalusteet Oy together with Martti Lehtonen. Anja still plays an active role in our Finnish operations.
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Martti Lehtonen

The other founder, the soul and handyman of Matri.
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Kalle Lehtonen

In charge of operations at the Matri factory. Kalle is Anja and Martti’s son.
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Elli Lehnhoff

Matri’s designer and Anja and Martti’s daughter.
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Andreas Lehnhoff

A designer and Elli’s husband, Andreas is also responsible for Fennobed’s operations.

When everyone wants to sleep in your bed

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If you make yourself the perfect piece of furniture, you end up having to make thousands more for others. This is what Martti Lehtonen, a factory worker from Perniö realised together with his wife Anja in 1986, after he built a few pieces of furniture for their home. Employment soon had to give way to full time entrepreneurship, as they were surprised by their own success. Their children Elli and Kalle grew together with the Matri furniture workshop.


Elli started to study furniture design and met Andreas Lehnhoff, an industrial designer, during her time as an exchange student in Germany. Anders loved the Bauhaus style focused on practical functionality, and soon he loved Elli, too. Anja and Martti were spending time in Spain where they couldn’t help noticing that the local beds left much to be desired. They were hardly long enough for a taller individual. They decided to grant the world a perfect bed. As the family now had two young and talented designers, Anja and Martti asked them to create a wonderful, ecologically sound and affordable bed, which would be as good for your health as possible.

matri tarimamme kuva3

The design work alone took two years, but the bed turned out so lovely that soon thousands of Finns, Germans and Spaniards were queuing up for it. Elli’s brother Kalle founded a Matri bed factory in Estonia. Matri beds replaced sofas as the home’s most comfortable place.

26 shops in 6 countries

Matri beds are sold in a total of 26 shops in Finland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Malta and Spain. All our partners are trusted and responsible entrepreneurs who share the philosophy of the Lehtonen and Lehnhoff family-run company. Come and meet us in person!

The Matri Idea

Four facts that set Matri beds apart:

Unrivalled ergonomics and comfort
Quality materials
Customisable high-end design

For us, these are the prerequisites for creating a perfect bed.

Snow white beds

They are loved. The fact that our beds stay white from one year to the next is another sign of quality. A white bed is also a classic that lightens up the room.

Accessorised beds

You can get the same trusted bed in dozens of other colours, too. We believe in customisable high-end design.